Why us

We offer efficient, cost-effective and reliable dropshipping fulfillment service.

Why us

We offer efficient, cost-effective and reliable dropshipping fulfillment service.

Excellent 1-on-1 customer service

This is a very important part of our service. Our customer manager team is growing all the time to make sure that your needs are taken care of as quickly as possible. A customer manager that is fully competent and fluent in English communication can help you with all matters.

Private label service

We handle everything for your private label. You can customize the specs, packaging, inserts, logo of your private label products.

Cost-effective & Fast shipment

More reasonable pricing structure: separated product cost and shipping cost. Our shipping price for each order is based on fixed fee and weight fee, which is more reasonable and saves shipping cost for you.

Reliable and responsible after-sales service

We offer reliable and responsible after-sales service in cases like damaged products, wrong products, lost packages, etc. As long as the issue is confirmed caused by us, we’ll reship for free or refund as per your request.

Powerful & 100% free fulfillment APP

We’ve been investing a lot on DUOMAI app to improve the work efficiency and user experience. It’s completely free to use our app. It’s becoming one of the most powerful dropshipping apps.

Favorable PayPal handling fee (2.9% fee rate)

Considering our PayPal account’s excellent performance and low distribute rate, PayPal offered us the handling fee rate as low as 2.9%, which is lower than most PayPal accounts. It will cost you less when you pay to our PayPal account.

Multiple shipping options

We have been working with all the mainstream carriers in China. We offer a wide selection of shipping options covering pretty much all the popular countries.

Free warehousing service

It’s absolutely free for you to keep your inventory in our warehouse as long as you’re using our service.

Cashback for recharging DUOMAI balance

We offer cashback at different rates when you recharge over $2000 each single time. For example, when you recharge $10000 on your balance one time, SourcinBox app will rebate $100 in your account balance. The cashback is added to your SourcinBox balance which can only be used to place orders.

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